That Mom Is Stacked


That Mom Is Stacked

The daily woes of pizza delivery can really be hard on some drivers. People not answering the door. People not paying for pizza. Being offered sex for pizza. It’s a tough job… the pizza is even cold sometimes! Well there is nothing cold about this pizza or should I say about this customer. She is hot as fuck and she needs a pizza bad! Unfortunately she lost her wallet and has no way to pay. Surely there is SOMETHING she can do to get that pizza in her mouth. She is hungry and not necessarily for the sausage on the pizza. She wants the pizza boys sausage and wants it deep in her personal oven. How many sexual innuendos can there be one scene?

Plumber Coes And Cleans The Pipes

Chanel Preston has a big problem. Her sink is clogged and she needs a plumber to come out stat! Lucky for her one is in the neighborhood and has the right tool for the job! If anyone can fix her piping issue Tommy can. In short time the water goes down the drain and she goes down on Tommy making sure to help him clean up his tool. It can be such hard work dealing with leaky pipes all the time but the best leaks come from wet pussies and cumming cocks! All Chanels spit just keeps dripping on her as she bobs up and down on that cock! What a mess she is making. Hopefully this plumber is up for the challenge and gets his own cock plugged deep in her wet pussy. Surely that will stop this leak!

A Very Thorough Cleaning Maid

Tommy Pistol can not help but notice that his maid only dusts. Week after week she walks around with her feather duster bending over and dusting, bending over and dusting. Does she ever mop or clean windows? What is it with all this bending over and why doesn’t she ever wear panties? Bridgette B is a naughty maid and she needs a spanking. Tommy just wants her to work, why does she insist on a spanking and why will she not wear panties? What a strange maid… where is this leading? Ok… did you really expect her to clean the windows? This is a porno what did you expect to happen?!?

Fuck Me Or You Fail Sex Education

Seth Gamble is having issues in his sex ed class and the only way he will pass is if he fucks Ms. Rossi. She will take it no other way. There is no retaking the test, no extra credit. All she wants is Seth to fuck her and show her that he has learned something in her class. Is this what teachers are really like or is this another one of those pornos that always leads to sex and cum spraying on some part of the womans body. Well she is asking and what kind of guy would ever turn down sex?